About me


My name is Gabriel Burning and I’m an all-around creative guy, videographer and digital designer from the deep woods of Småland, Sweden. I’ve always been one for creative expression and love communicating clear, tangible ideas in creative and fun ways.

I have been an active designer since about 2009 but decided to give it my full attention after studying Visual Graphic Communication at Broby Grafiska. Currently residing in beautiful Malmö I am now looking for new opportunities and challenges to sink my teeth into.

Some of my areas of expertise are: filming, editing, motion design, web design, front end development, graphic design, digital design, visual design, image retouching and conceptualization. Many of these are things I have taught myself through trial and error, so what I don’t already know – I will learn.

Things I enjoy: Netflix binge watching, gaming, late night running and amazing cat GIFs.

If you want to reach out to me for job opportunities, a copy of my résumé or anything else – you can do so at hello[at]gburning[dot]com.

Tack på förhand!