Webshop for ”Gear Up”

Gear Up – header image

While at Broby Grafiska we received the task to design the web shop and overall user experience for a fictional sports shop called ”Gear Up”. The main task was of course to design the website itself but also to develop potential digital services around it. ”Gear Up” was to be modern and unique, with a high focus on an extraordinary user experience. The target demographic was trend sensitive sportspeople.

We chose to develop an experience that is highly personalized to the user. Large parts of the website continuously change and adapt based on the user’s previous site history, suggesting new products they may like. We also designed a phone app that tracks your exercise and awards you points (”Gears”) based on how well you do. These Gears can then be used to pay for products in the web shop.

Below is a mockup of the website’s home page.

Gear Up – Homepage